Aaron`s Lease Agreement

As soon as you`ve been approved and you sign your lease, get ready – you`re almost there! We will pin the details of the delivery and then clear your new merchandise, including the port and the test (however we can not plug in gas, water or ACs – unfortunately). The proposed approval agreement allows us to focus on our business. According to the agreement, there is no fine, penalty, admission of fault, fault or liability on the part of the company. This agreement is not expected to affect our futures operations or activities. ATLANTA, February 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Aaron`s, Inc. (NYSE: AAN), an omnichannel leader in leasing solutions, today announced that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has approved a proposed agreement for future conditional purchases and sales of lease-to-sale contracts with other private companies. As previously announced, the company reached an agreement with FTC staff in August 2019 on the terms of the transaction. †LOW PRICE GUARANTEE applies in-store only to identical goods (para. B example, brand, brand, model, warranty, functions and accessories) of local competitors in stock and now available to compare the total cost of Aaron`s leasing property with the total advertised cost of the local competitor`s lease valid on the day you were bequeathed by Aaron.

Claims amounting to US$100 must be claimed on the day of the rental and require a copy of the advertising offer or price ticket for these identical goods. The low-priced warranty does not apply to website prices, limited sales, price errors, e-mail offers or discounts, competitors` service prices, clearing or items with unstocked inventory. “Local competitor” means a special lease for its own activities within 25 miles of Aaron`s business, which was requested for the price. For more information, see Store. If you use Aaron`s services or send us emails, text messages and other messages from your desktop or mobile device, you can communicate electronically with us. You accept the e-reception of messages from us, such as emails, texts, push mobile notifications or messages or via Aaron`s services, and you can keep copies of those communications for your recordings. You agree that all agreements, communications, advertisements and other communications that we make available to you electronically meet all legal requirements that these communications must make in writing. Your mobile operator`s information and data rates may apply to your use of Aaron`s services, and payment is your responsibility.