Advisory Committee Agreement

A consulting agreement should be reached between a company and its advisor. The agreement puts the expectation of the relationship as the work done on behalf of the advisor and compensation. The agreement should also define some key concepts, such as confidentiality and the allocation of work products. 2. Compensation. In return for the services provided by the consultant and other obligations, the entity compensates the advisor with equity funds as defined in Schedule A, subject to a blocking plan defined in Appendix A and the agreement to grant or issue equity to the advisor. 13.2. Exclusive agreement. This agreement, including exhibitions, constitutes the exclusive consent of the parties and replaces all oral proceedings and prior writings relating to the purpose of this agreement. . Each enhanced language [GREEN] is intended for the user.

Any language highlighted [YELLOW] is considered optional or conditional by the legal community. Talk to a lawyer before using this document. This document is not a substitute for legal advice or services. For more information, please see our terms of use. 4. Changes to services. All substantial changes to services, including schedule, benefits and related fees, must be approved with the prior written approval of the party that does not request the amendment. 1.2 Consulting services. The services provided by the consultant to the company under this agreement consist of providing the advice and other services (the “services”) agreed from time to time by the consultant and the company, in accordance with Schedule A.

9.1. Limited activities. For the duration of this agreement and for a period of six (6) months after, the advisor may not engage in any activity that constitutes a conflict of interest with the company, including competitive employment, business or any other activity involving the disclosure of confidential information. 13.4. Choice from the right. The validity, interpretation, construction and performance of this contract are governed by the laws of the state [State of origin] without the principles of the law conflict law coming into force. If you don`t see an email from UpCounsel in the next few minutes, please activate your spam field. Add: to your email address book. This will help ensure the future distribution of e-mail.

11. Limitation of liability. Under no circumstances is the company liable for any subsequent, indirect, exemplary, special or accidental damage resulting from or related to this agreement. The total cumulative liability of the company under this contract, whether contractual or otherwise, does not exceed the total amount of fees that the entity owes to the advisor for services provided under this agreement. 6.1 Property. All ideas, inventions, improvements, methods, processes, IP works and other forms of intellectual property that the consultant reduces to practice or developed over the life of the agreement, alone or in conjunction with others, in relation to the performance of services, including designs, data, software code, ideas, inventions, know-how, materials, brands, methods, methods, tools, interfaces and other forms of technology, as well as all intellectual property rights of any kind (together the “working product”), will be the exclusive and exclusive property of the company. All elements of the work product, which are works by authors that may be “for rented” works under the Copyright Act, are considered works leased with the company, as “the author.” The consultant irrevocably assigns to the company all rights, titles and interests worldwide and on the working product and all intellectual property rights. 12. Representations and guarantees of the advisor. The advisor represents, guarantees and obliges that (i) neither the work product nor the services infringe or abuse the intellectual property rights of a natural or legal person; (ii) The advisor does not and will not grant any rights or interests in the work proceeds to any person or organization other than the company; (iii) the work product is not the subject of any right to pledge, c