Aeon Customer Agreement Number

3. AEON is not responsible for delays or incompleteness or costs due to delay or incompleteness in local number portability (LNP). 1. AEON reserves the right to terminate the creation of services, terminate your account and/or block your access to the AEON network without being held responsible, without notice if AEON believes that such a measure is necessary to prevent or protect fraud, or to otherwise protect AEON staff, agents, facilities or services. Unrestricted, AEON can take such measures if: a. They refuse to provide information or information that is essential (i) to the tally; (ii) refers to your creditworthiness, your previous or current use of the mobile operator`s joint communication service, or your intended use of that service; B. You indicate that you are not responding to a security request for payment of services; c. Your service usage rates exceed the parameters set by your usage history, which may indicate a likelihood of non-payment or fraud; (d) you have been informed in writing by AEON of an outstanding amount (which remains in whole or in part unpaid) for one of AEON`s services or a related airline to which you subscribed or subscribed or used; E. Either you refuse to pay when they are billed for the benefit, or you tell AEON or an organization that, on behalf of AEON, charges that you do not intend to pay for the services you use; F. You use the service to avoid all or part of the payment of service charges by (i) using the service or by attempting to use the service by reorganizing the service, manipulating or linking with the service in an unauthorized manner; or (ii) use of tricks, diagrams, false or void numbers, fake credit machines or other fraudulent means or devices; G. You do not act or act in a manner that impedes or prevents any investigation by AEON or any other person legally entitled to investigate your legal obligations; H.

Your phone equipment does not return the signal corresponding to AEON to start and stop billing a call. i. They were informed in advance of the offences, took corrective action, but then undertook the same injury activity; Or J. They act in a manner that acts threatening, obscene, unwelcome or offensively. K. They are acting in violation of Sections III. D. or III. E. above. Before filing a dispute in an arbitration tribunal or small claims court, you must first contact our customer service agent at the service number on your AEON bill for services, or write to us at the following address and give us the opportunity to settle the dispute: AEON sends the e-Payment hourly link by SMS instead of the envelope to the customer`s mobile phone number.