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Standard guidelines and agreements are only provided if the agreements are governed by English law. If you want to enter into a contract under another legal system, you can adapt the standard agreements, but you need to consult a lawyer who advises on the law of that country and who can help you adapt the standard agreements if necessary to comply with local laws. Standard agreements allow for escalation within each organization to help resolve disputes. This should not exclude a party from taking legal action if the matter is serious. If a company and a university implement effective cooperation between a company and a university, there will generally be no indirect state aid to the company if at least one of the following conditions is met: it is obviously not possible to have a set of types of agreements covering the circumstances of all projects, but the Lambert Toolkit aims to have model agreements for some of the most common circumstances and to illustrate concepts that could be applied in different scenarios. If the university provides for the first time a particular service on behalf of a particular company, on an experimental basis and for a markedly limited period of time, the Commission will generally consider the price charged as a market price if this commissioned research is unique and it can be shown that there is no market for it. ↩ The agreement model can be modified to establish variants in which the contracting parties hold what intellectual property rights are and which parties do not have marketing rights. Recommended for a detailed partnership. Partnership agreements often serve as the basis for future program agreements between UT Dallas and a comparable international institution. Partnership agreements often include details on collaborative research projects, the exchange of publications, reports, scientific information, collaborative academic development and other activities, as agreed upon.

This publication is under Public funding of a university will be state aid if the university engages in an economic activity of offering products or services in a given market, but the Commission generally considers that the financing of the following products is not economic, i.e. it is not state aid: the conditions you must include in an agreement; and employees can conduct national research in a number of companies in their group.