Ontario Provincial Police Collective Agreement

The arbitration award shows that no agreement has been reached to amend the terms of the OPP collective agreement. We are not law enforcement. For background criminal checks, please contact the competent police in your municipality. Ontario Provincial Police and civilian security forces receive new pay increases, just as the Ford government says it is cutting provincial force funding by nearly 4 per cent. 4. Any period taken on leave by the police officer is not part of the execution of the probation period. 2019, about 1, Sched. 4, 41 (10). (5) Despite the subsection (1), a police officer cannot be granted a probation period if he or she has already successfully completed a probation period as a police officer in a police service, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police or any other prescribed police organization. 2019, about 1, Sched. 4, 41 (10). We are the only bargaining partner for civilian and unified members (under the rank of inspector) of the Ontario Provincial Police.

We represent the interests of members in negotiations with the provincial government, we encourage safe and healthy work environments, and we are committed, among other things, to improving the tools, equipment and support of members with work problems. Legislative history: 2009, about 18, Sched. 23, 1-13; 2009, about 34, Sched. J, 32; 2013, about 19; 2018, about 3, Sched. 5, 43 (see: 2019, 1, Sched. 3, p. 5); 2019, about 1, Sched. 4, 41. Consolidation period: from March 26, 2019 to the date of electronic money. There will be absolutely no impact on public safety, said a spokesman for the cabinet minister in charge of the OPP. “I think it`s a fair solution and I think there are great things for our members,” OPP Association President Rob Jamieson said in an interview Friday. The OPP provides a police service to more than 300 municipalities across the province.

It has 6,200 uniformed members and 3,600 civilians. No no. We are the only bargaining partner for uniformed and civilian members of the Ontario Provincial Police. We are not law enforcement. Uniformed OPP officers will receive a 2.15 per cent retroactive increase on January 1, and over the next three years, wage increases will average two per cent per year. The arbitrator orders the government and the OPP Association to meet to try to sort out their differences on the schedule, including “reserved hours” and “break times between positions and courts.” Details of the provincial budget released Thursday show that the government is cutting its $1.1 billion annual ipo by $1.1 billion. As a result of the arbitration award, OPP officers and civilians will no longer face restrictions on their coverage of psychological counselling services. As an OPP member, you can access dozens of exclusive offers and discounts from business partners. Civilian workers will also benefit from an improvement in their pension plan, which will allow them to collect their full pension as soon as their age plus years of service is 85 years in total.

“When we talk about the mental health and well-being of our members, unlimited psychology for members looking for help, it`s an absolute victory, it`s a huge achievement,” Jamieson said. Stay up to date with the latest association or industry news, events and press releases.