What If No Rental Agreement Was Signed In India

Before moving forward, it is important to keep in mind that each state has its own right to rent, while certain provisions of the central laws apply. Sir, please, please make me feel comfortable. We have lived in this house in Pune, Maharashtra, for 40 years. We paid monthly rents to the landlord who himself rented this property to the principal owner for a 100-year lease. It`s been a 40-year lease. Now, for some time, we have this builder who often comes to visit our place and he tells that this area has been declared as a slum by the Maharashtra government and he has permission to build it by the main owner. He asks us to move and he will give us a property accordingly, but to be fair, we do not trust him because he does not have a good record and speaks as if he were threatening us. Well, Mr MEP, please tell me if this area has been declared a slum, so why have we given rent in the last 40 years and we also gave “Pagdi” when we arrived here. Every time we tried to build this place, our so-called landlord, to whom we pay the rent, did not give us permission to build anything on this land, so for those many years we stayed in this place with only 5 feet of concrete walls, and we went through many devastating conditions. I do not now understand where this owner comes from and what authority the government gives him to build this land, since he says it was sold to him by the owner of the land. I wanted to know that if we have been here for so many years, why can`t we build it for ourselves? How can the owner sell this property to someone if they have already rented it to someone for 100 years and have 60 years left? If this area has been declared a slum, what are our rights? I just want to know, sir, what can we do in this scenario, since this person is constantly threatening to sign certain documents. We don`t understand what to do and where to go. Please let us know what our legal rights are.

I mean, if an area has been declared a slum, what are the rights of those who have stayed so long?