Wright State University Articulation Agreements

The curriculum refers to individual courses, as well as comprehensive programs. Examples of comprehensive program agreements are as follows: according to the instructions of the Ohio General Assembly, the Ohio Board of Regents has developed a national policy to facilitate the free movement of students and transfer credits from one public college or university in Ohio to another. The goal of public policy is to avoid duplication and improve student mobility throughout Ohio`s higher education system. 3. Curriculum Articulation Conventions: These agreements are treated as changes to a general academic agreement and list the specific equivalencies and specific responsibilities of Wright State University, an international partner, and students. A model of agreement is available. Wright State is in the process of modifying articulation agreements and transfer guides in Ohio Guaranteed Transfer Pathways. Please contact your advisor if you have any questions about your transfer plan. Central State University has bilateral transfer agreements between selected higher education institutions and universities. These bilateral agreements create specific ways to promote student mobility, access and graduation. Joint agreements support the transfer of students to the bachelor`s and bachelor`s programs to graduate and professional programs. An agreement on the organization chart with a proposed reduction must follow this process.

The process of developing a given program is overseen by an associate vice-president who seeks the consent of the faculty`s lawyer and Senate before submitting the agreement to the Propst. Curriculum articulation agreement: It`s important to work with your university advisor at Sinclair. Let them know that you are in the partnership program with Wright State, that you are considering using a articulation agreement and that you intend to transfer to Wright State. They will help you develop an academic plan that will help you plan your courses for your transfer program. A Wright State Councillor will also contact you to assist you in your transition. You should meet regularly with your State Councillors Sinclair and Wright to make sure you are on the right track. The Director of the University Center for International Education (UCIE) will work closely with Wright State`s legal counsel, the International Programs Committee of Faculties and the Bureau of Propsts to develop academic agreements before they submit them for program approval. Contact UCIE Director Michelle Streeter-Ferrari michelle.streeter@wright.edu to develop, revise or renew university agreements.

All Wright State University university agreements with external organizations must be approved and signed by propst. All state Wright University academic agreements that receive a reduction in education must be approved and signed by the Chief Business Officer, the Board of Trustees and the Ohio Department of Higher Education (O.D.H.E.).