Farm Management Services Agreement

Farmers sometimes choose to lease their land to different producers. The terms of leases, often referred to as operating agreements, differ in the nature of farmers` compensation for the use of their land and the liability they have to their tenants. FGS Agri focuses on profitable agriculture; We offer a number of services that allow landowners, tenants and farmers to retain ownership of their farm while benefiting from income. FGS Agri offers a series of management agreements that can be customized, from entire agricultural contracts to the outsourcing of individual farms. Farmers may also lease land at a specified price and not play a role in supplying or equipping. They are not interested in the profits of cultures. Other agreements provide for the hiring of a manager paid for planting, tilting and harvesting plants. Landowners are responsible for all expenses and are entitled to all profits. Given the current price volatility in the market, FGS Agri is pleased to be part of flexible agreements that meet the needs of both parties and both benefit from higher prices.

FGS Agri operates an efficient and highly productive fleet of machines and can use it under a fixed-term share or contract contract. FGS Agri can provide additional assistance and management of the agreement. Farmers adapt management agreements to individual business conditions. Land used to grow highly profitable crops may require a higher yield, sometimes 70 per cent, from the landowner. In some cases, landowners lease land for a percentage of the crops produced. FGS Agri will provide the farm`s manpower, fuels, machinery and operations. The landowner provides seeds, fertilizers, sprays, some specific overheads and operates the commercial bank account. Both parties receive a first fee for their contributions.

The remaining surpluses are distributed among the parties at an agreed rate. FGS Agri will be responsible for the day-to-day running of the Court and will participate in regular management meetings. At the beginning of the agreement, budgets and financial targets will be defined and FGS Agri will assume responsibility. FGS Agri may provide management, operations manager and personnel or equipment for operating the operation in accordance with an agreed plan. We offer fixed-rate transactions or interest-based payments.